all that glitters

We put a brave and happy face on for the public. Social media and the digitizing of our world present us at our smiling best.

But it’s not all peaches en regalia at the job site everyday.

-15 degrees -39 wind chill Center, North Dakota. Makes me want to stay in bed.

That’s a status update from my brother-in-law, an electrician, on his way to work hundreds of miles from home at 5 am the other day.

We’re grateful to be working, make no mistake.


This is simply a nod to those who are up before the sun, to those who slog away outdoors on cold and damp and bone-freezing days. This is a nod to the faces which aren’t booked, the selfies that are never taken, to the daily humdrum of the routine which is neither sexy nor particularly remarkable yet which comprises the majority of our days.


All that glitters is not gold.

Cheers to your hardworking, unnoticed, and undocumented ways. Props to runny noses, unmatched socks, mediocre coffee, and the lack of anything sublimely witty to say. A nod to you whose day sometimes seems an unappreciated journey of tedium.


Persevere. There is gold in the ordinary.



16 thoughts on “all that glitters

  1. jackbaumgartner says:

    “There is gold in the ordinary” – Thank you for saying so, Rick. Blessed are the mud sloggers, trench diggers, tar moppers and the iron pounders and the rangers who keep the shire.

  2. But when the day is over you can get in out of the cold and have a burnt weenie sandwich, and be thankful that weasels didn’t rip your flesh.

  3. Richard Law says:

    That’s well said!

  4. John Wolf says:

    There is always a ray of happiness in warm Carhartts and dry boots!

  5. Seth kelley says:

    Here here. In winter time i’ d take 15 degrees over 30 degrees any day. At least in 15 degrees snow stays as snow.
    “Going going gone” Dylan right.

  6. A very moving page. Sending best wishes.

  7. j.h. white says:

    I’ve always worked with my hands in all kinds of weather and I married into sawdust and a finely honed edge. Life takes its turns and I often miss the muddy Carhartts hanging from the peg.
    So I’ve truly enjoyed your words and hearty pictures today. Thank you!

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