fittin up



Stacks of wood.

He would stack.


She would stack.


They would stack, those nuns making something.


I stacked last spring.


Alas, no nuns to help.










Stacks seasoning.


They worked every minute of every day for the rest of spring, all summer and into fall–

Those stacks.





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10 thoughts on “fittin up

  1. Kinderhook88 says:

    Functional and aesthetically pleasing – I like it. If only it had a little door…

  2. John Wolf says:

    Looks great Rick! You do a much tidier job than I do.

    • Rick says:

      Stella did a great job on your woodrick, John, in spite of her lack of opposable thumbs! I am torn between leveling each subsequent ring or having them point a little down and in for stability, like building a stone wall. Some water must be working its way into the center of the stack. How did you address this?

    • Rick says:

      The first couple of pictures are of billets of wood stacked for making charcoal, Ernest. Mark (in the second picture) initially stacks them in this orderly fashion as a means of measurement. He then re-stacks the same wood to make the charcoal pile. They are making charcoal next week, I hear–you can smell the coaling wood all over town…

  3. Jennifer Durant says:

    I saw one of these in Forest Park, Lakeville yesterday and immediately thought of you!! Hope all is well with you and the MLB crew! 🙂 Open House this Sunday at the Freetown Historical Society if you are looking for something fun to do!

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