Or, Pounding Shingles In.


There’s been an inflated amount of talk round these parts concerning The Ideal Gas Law, a despotic and over-compensating commissioner, and the handling of balls.

And though we vacillate between disgust and delirium, we’ve kept our game-face on as we huddle up at The ol’ Hatch Mill.

006 (2)

Our work has taken us to the 2-minute warning and we are under a legal amount of pressure to finish up our part of the job within the next month. All the framing is done. Now we’re on to Cincinnati as well as shingling, putting in new window frames and sashes, and trimming the box-mill out.

As is our want, we strap the roof before shingling. This allows for air flow beneath the red cedar and makes for a longer life.


It also sends us on a trippy 70’s flashback!


Don’t bogart that air, man–

Meanwhile, round the gable, MLB and Justin (wearing his 4-game suspenders) gauge rakes, soffits, and returns.


This led to some sweet, sweet mitering by Dorito Dink:


Once boxed in, the trim will discourage pigeons, not to mention Ravens and Colts.


We love discouraging Ravens and Colts here in NE.

Kevin installed some hand-planed window frames. MLB custom-made them–he is a very good Kraftsman.

Unlike erroneous Twitter reports, they were on the level.


And Greg put finishing touches on the copper sheathing for the cricket–a small framed structure between the gable wall of the box-mill and the roof of the saw-mill.

We are happy to report that Greg does fantastic work.

This report was brought to you at no cost and using only a few words.


I would read the Wells Report if HG Wells wrote it.

John Tinker, a seasoned veteran, took a well-deserved break at halftime-


Later, Jim rolled by at the end of the 3rd quarter. He’s been doing the heavy lifting over at the new dam.


Jim destroyed his phone after this picture was taken.

The kids were in attendance by the cheap seats on the dam the other day-


They made a fishing pole out of a piece of strapping and a bent nail.

We even got a little primer and paint on the trim before the weather turned-


And using cut nails-


-pounded shingles in on the rear wall of the box-mill.


Unsubscribe if you must, Indianapolites and Baltimoreans. I’d offer that to Jets fans as well, but they’re just looking at the pictures.

All at once, the sky turned a Patriot blue:

048 (2)


We’ll all be happy when this overblown hullabaloo blows over.

In the meantime, if you’re feeling too much pressure–


Stick a needle in it.




*this post contains a number of references to American football and a controversy over an iconic player–Tom Brady–and balls which were supposedly deflated below a legal limit . It’s known as Deflategate. Most of us understand how absurd this is, but it hasn’t stopped us from making sophomoric jokes about balls.  

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4 thoughts on “P.S.I.

  1. Elizabeth Pickard says:

    This Marylander refuses to unsubscribe on the basis that: 1. She likes this blog 2. Any excuse to make limp, squishy ball jokes is a good thing 3. She likes the Patriots and the Ravens scandals are way more embarrassing and the Colts will always suck at Yankee levels of suckitude after the way they besmirched the name Mayflower in her youth.
    Oh, and it is great to see the mill coming along so nicely:)

  2. Kinderhook88 says:

    You’re getting me all “pumped” up for pre-season! I’m living in the south, but I’m still a Pats fan.

  3. Football? Looks more like hand ball, from what I vaguely remember from dusty corners of my brain. And in the end, hands are pretty much more useful fellows than feet, especially where shingle making and fixing are concerned.

  4. graemeu says:

    It might be a big hullabaloo about buggar all but it Trumps the current US news offerings in our media, unless Republicans is an NFL team.
    Great post, didn’t quite fall off my seat.

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