Swept Up Shavings

-24 random thoughts from the dusty corners of my mind…

1. My poor, wonderful framing chisel. Was the world awash with color given how many times some brute used it to open paint cans?


It’s allright, sweetheart. Let me flatten your back and compound your bevel.

2. Take a bougie screen door and make it better:


Woven wattle to thwart the gnats. Or at least the hummingbirds.

3. We were cranky, sore–maybe a little bitchy–after a long week when we raised up the last significant timber (a rafter) at The Hatch Mill the other evening:

This momentarily undermined the significance of the moment, considering all the good people who have been working to save this gem for several years.

More on this later…


4. Someone uttered Toenailing the Heel a couple days back. Isn’t that some sort of traditional Polish dance?

5. From the Pandora Algorithms Don’t Always Get Me Dept:

 Don’t leave me alone with this song

6. On a related note, if you don’t like Earth Wind and Fire, I will fight you-

7. Led Zeppelin has aged really well. But some of the Jimmy Page solos–not so much.

8. Lose the tension–stay upright in compression!

9. I like it when I have a 200 yr-old trenail garnishing my nail salad:


10. I may be obtuse but I’m dependably obtuse.

11. Best handsaw advice: Play it like a viola da gamba.

12. Wasps don’t like Dexter Gordon. This was proven the other day when Justin nearly swallowed one.

13. How can avant-garde ever be old hat?



Saw to that line in the new venture, O’Rourke.

14. How many times must I lose my star bit?!? Please place your thoughts for good places to keep it in the suggestion box at the end of this post.

15. Best leftovers for lunch? Spaghetti.

16. Lacking help on this day, Nathan was forced to go next level on his scaffold, shaving clapboard bevels with his draw knife and shaving mare high above Weymouth’s teeming masses. A tip o’ the scally cap to you, sir. The house is looking great.


17. Everything I know about scaffolding, I learned from 3 wise men:



18. From the Damned by Faint Praise Dept:

The Red Sox have been a horror show this season but at least my wife tells me I have warning track power.

19. I’d like to thank my neighbor for playing his pop-country all day/night on the weekends. It serves to confirm my disdain for most “country” since Hank Williams Sr.

20. So if a hammer is a snare drum and a plane a violin, does that make a handsaw brushes on a hi-hat?

21. Great to see SW Bolton out at Pine Fest a couple of weeks back.


He’s still got it, for a guy who wears a suit most days.

22. Plymouth CRAFT was well-represented on that day. Have you taken a look at the latest CRAFT workshops? They are surprisingly affordable and feature some of the most friendly and talented people around. More on that later.

23. We’re working a side job at the lovely Benjamin Nye Homestead on Cape Cod. Maybe it was getting late, but I couldn’t help but notice the connections between things found there:


Mannish invention


Nature’s handiwork.

Deep, I know right?

24. And finally, no more need to castoff your janky sawzall blades–

Just in time for Father’s Day–Preservationist Wind Chimes!

They crosscut–they rip–they fill the air with a dull and muted jingle!

I made this in like 5 minutes:


It’s prob my best work.




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4 thoughts on “Swept Up Shavings

  1. kwall732 says:

    Spaghetti with your mother’s sauce? I’ve been thinking of that lately…as for the star bit, you’ll always be a star in my book.

  2. Rick Lapp says:

    I have BANNED any but square drive screws from my home and shop; I just trashed a half dozen perfectly new star drive screws today. My hardware store sells combo square drive/Phillips screws in bulk.

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