We just arrived-time to split

There are a lot of good people out there looking for meaning in their work…


And we met a bunch of them at Plymouth CRAFT ‘s most recent workshop on riving wood.

Peter Follansbee led the group and wrote about it in Joiner’s Notes.


We set up at the venerable 1677 Harlow House. Many thanks to wonderful host Donna Curtin and the Plymouth Antiquarian Society.

Under fair skies and the come-hither of a thousand birds…


…we talked about trees and processed green wood into usable stock.




While we cleaved oak and pounded ash, Charlotte Russell led a Plymouth CRAFT class for those who were more inclined toward the textile arts:


And Paula Marcoux, of Cooking with Fire fame, made a workshop-lunch for us that was, in itself, worth the price of admission.

No sooner had we filled our teeth with poppy seeds then Mr Follansbee gave us a lesson in converting ash into splints–one growth ring at a time.



It’s an almost magical process and a lot of fun to make a trial of.

It’s pretty much therapeutic. All of this “work” is, actually.


All around, it was a great day for splitting for those who arrived.


See you next time?


Here’s the video:




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3 thoughts on “We just arrived-time to split

  1. pfollansbee says:

    Sort of a “hello, I must be going” post, huh? The unfortunate thing about your video is that we get none of you working with the students. Remember, I mostly quit riving at an inch thick, folks…Rick showed them how to finesse the thin stuff…we’re now planning a 2-day version for the fall…stay tuned.

  2. Nathan Goodwin says:

    Thanks so much for the experience! It was great to meet the man behind the blog. I look forward to seeing you again and hopeful working alongside you and crew. Thank Pret for me as well, he had some great advice for me.

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