Sometimes a little bit of drunk is better than a little bit of murder…

…said once a wise friend.

Some picked up pieces, dear reader-

Nobody told me it was National Bury the Screw Head Week:


My bit isn’t long enough…

Photographer/mason/outfielder Bill Powell is making some of our work at The Hatch Mill look like objet d’art:


photo by Bill Powell

Good friend Andy Hyde remains in contact with us after our trip to the UK this summer.

…given the look of the weather in the blog-photos, I thought an extra scarf might come in handy! said Andy


From a barn west of Essex. Andy’s wit remains as dry as the oak pictured-

Speaking of oak:

Lamb’s Tongue–tell me that’s not a great 16th-century metal band name…


The Stop Chamfers are the opening act!

Plymouth Colony Archaeology continues to impress with their scholarship and intriguing write-ups:


Possible slave quarters in downtown Plymouth. We hope to work on saving this important piece of  local history.

In the valley between the saw mill and the box mill…


Shingles: The original post-it notes-


Don’t judge this man…


How many of you have a hatchet amid your vehicle detritus?

The other day, I spied 20-something Evan working what I assumed were his texting fingers during job-time-


I was wrong-


Hope for the future. I am on my cell way more than he is because…fantasy baseball.

At MLB Restorations, we believe in saving as much as the original build as possible.

This includes even trenails-


If the wood is good, pound it!

Some re-use of fasteners, however, just end up making you feel meh-


Wonderful human and renowned sculptor George Greenamyer is being honored locally this weekend for his Courage of Conscience


Well-deserved, George.

And finally-

A Love Supreme-

While fastening down a tarp at the mill the other day, Justin discovered his inner-Jimmy Garrison:



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One thought on “Sometimes a little bit of drunk is better than a little bit of murder…

  1. pfollansbee says:

    Wow. no more needs to be said.

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