World’s smallest turkey

Amid the hurly burly,

In spite of the economy,

In the face of abject whatnot and who-do…

Good things can be accomplished-



Jones River Boathouse

Merry Everything and Happy New Year from BLUE OAK!


And for those of you wanting 11th-hour gift inspiration-


check out Plymouth CRAFT’s listing of upcoming workshops:


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8 thoughts on “World’s smallest turkey

  1. Jen Durant says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Rick and the Gang!!

  2. francedozois says:

    thanks Rick and Merry and Happy to you all

  3. John Wolf says:

    Hi Rick, Merry Christmas to you and the Miller. Having taken a minute to think about what people I try to keep track of did this year, I find that it was an impressive amount of things, all done during what was a rather tough year in many respects. I hope 2015 is smoother and kinder for all of us.

  4. Happy Christmas and happy hewing in the New year!

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