Area Plugs

How you doing?

It’s late notice but…

You’ve got your tomatoes in; you’ve done your mock fantasy football draft; you’ve pretended the sink wasn’t full of dishes…

What to do?

Well, in less than two hours The Cooking Channel’s, MAN FIRE FOOD will be featuring the fabulous Paula Marcoux and her new book, Cooking With Fire.


See Paula work cooperatively with fire in a way heretofore unseen since Jimi Hendrix went nuts on his guitar!

See how the cinematography of Savory Pond and Pret and Paula’s backyard plays out on National TV!

Here’s a nice write-up on the show by Storey Publishing:

That’s tonight, 8pm, EST.


The episode should be available on the web and re-broadcast sundry times.

We’ll keep you posted.

Speaking of Pret…


When he’s not cutting a beam’s end square for a restored sash-saw mill–


–he’s shredding honky-tonk with his banjo and his band, The Dinghy’s.

They’ll be playing at The BBC Cedarville this Friday night, August 22nd.

Tell them you read this on BLUE OAK and they’ll be like, what?

The Dinghys are one of the best bands south of Boston. They’re comprised of a couple of carpenters, two electricians, and a few ex-pilgrims, among other notables. They are most def worth a little trip if you’re in the 508 or 617.

No band has more fun in a live performance.

Hope to see you there.

I’ll tell you all about our new sawmill project…





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4 thoughts on “Area Plugs

  1. John Wolf says:

    Sorry Rick, haven’t got a tv to watch the show and I’m most definitely in the wrong area code! Would like to hear more about the sawmill though.

  2. timberbee says:

    My wife and I bought this book. Had to preorder it 😀 It is a wonderful resource, full of great ideas, and insight into how food has been prepared since the dawn of time.
    At home we have a nice fire pit, upon which sits the grill from a long defunct webber. We cook on wood, firstly because it is free! and secondly because my wife loves how I smell drenched in smoke, which is one of the greatest reasons in the world to do anything. The third reason is I love real fire, and, as Paula shows in her book, fire has amazing flexibility: hot pokers, ashes, coals, open flames, even hot rocks for dropping in food, or simply a stone surround that absorbs and releases heat.
    We are currently in the process of redesigning the fire area, and I am getting some great ideas from “Cooking With Fire”. The first thing will be using a piece of 1/4″ Carbon steel to form a coal trough, with a stainless steel, sectional hood, but my greatest bit of ambition is copying the lovely bee hive oven in her book.
    Its really a good read, even if you don’t cook with wood, who knows, though, read through it once and you’ll probably find yourself making at least a backyard pit. Its super simple and nothing beats the crackle of fire, the smell of smoke, and the settling darkness, even deep in the heart of some American city.
    God bless

  3. timberbee says:

    Of course!
    I have been very lax writing, and reading, as of late, though I was outside this evening cooking my wife some grilled cheese, turkey pepperoni and tomato sandwiches, over the fire!
    Grilled some lamb and chicken Saturday night, then cooked up a nice breakfast in the skillet Sunday morning.
    Is the pan to hot when the butter catches fire? hehehe 😀

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