Milling Herring–Sharing the River


Grinding and Spawning

(What follows is a departure from wooden things…though milling is traditional work and awareness of the natural world is something all woodworkers benefit from…)

It’s that time of year again, when a miller’s grinding leads to grist and a herring’s swimming leads to spawning…

Come and celebrate the first annual Herring Run, at The Plimoth Grist Mill, this Friday through Sunday, April 25-27.


The weekend starts with a splash on Friday evening with the world-premiere of filmmaker’s Shervin Arya’s  herring run migration film. Meet Shervin and participate in a follow-up discussion with conservation experts, moderated by Cape and Island’s NPR host Steve Junker.

Saturday is awash in activities–local scientists will share their efforts to restore the herring population, even as herring ascend the fishway just behind the mill. Expect all kinds of herring related activities, an artisan’s marketplace, live music, and organic cornmeal dishes which, I know from experience, are worth swimming against the current for.

There will be a herring walk on Sunday (walking herring–who knew) along with other small-fry activities including an opportunity to contribute to a herring run mural and corn being prepared in ways you’ve only dreamed of. Kids find the corn-sifting to be magical, says Kim.

Kim Van Wormer and company continue their wonderful work at the Mill. If you’re local, stop by this weekend. If not, it’s worth the trip upstream. It only costs a few clams, you needn’t worry about being eaten by seagulls, and it’s a lotta fun for the entire kettle of fish.

Here’s a little preview of grinding and spawning:


4 thoughts on “Milling Herring–Sharing the River

  1. pine duBois says:

    Really looking forward to it. Hooray! For Jones River herring action and other wild creatures see:
    Spring is on the Run!

  2. sally says:

    Aw, lovely. I think you and Kim would make a great couple – you should totally get married!

  3. […] here to tell you about some very important little fish, that is, if you haven’t already been herring all about them. Ha. Got you there! Seriously you guys, I’m not even squidding, I’ve got bigger fish to […]

  4. Thanks Rick, dear husband, for the great post and for the plug for the Herring Run Festival. Now, can you do something about the forecast for rain? xo, you’re the best!

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