Al Gore’s wife’s name is Tipper-

Thank you.

Over the past year–between work and blogging–we’ve worn our pencils to a nub.


Thanks for riding shotgun on this little adventure.

In celebration of our 5oth post, BLUE OAK presents a public service video* for you. Always keep your pencil sharp:

*The original video aired on the cartoon, Ed, Edd n Eddy c. 2002. (If you have teens, you get this.) As a child of the 70’s, I cannot stress enough how beautifully the producers captured the decade’s vibe–from the song and instrumentation to the washed effects of the video–just perfect. R.M. The video was made by Jonas Odel of Film Tecknarna. Song performed by Steve Patrick of The Cartoon Network.

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8 thoughts on “Al Gore’s wife’s name is Tipper-

  1. Marie Pelletier says:

    you’ll have to instruct me on your video technique–fun–

  2. graemeu says:

    Another quality production Rick.

  3. sally says:

    An excellently silly video to celebrate Blue Oak’s first year! Congratulations!

  4. John Wolf says:

    congratulations on 50!

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