All Hands are Well-inclined

They tossed the pine both right and left

The blocks and slivers flew,

They scared the wild moose from their yards

Likewise the caribou.

Here’s a video inspired by the Smithsonian Folkways recording, Classic Canadian Songs.

I had never heard a song about hewing until now. Hogan’s Lake was originally recorded on the Folkways album, Lumbering Songs from the Ontario Shanties, 1961.


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10 thoughts on “All Hands are Well-inclined

  1. jackbaumgartner says:

    Rick, you work wonders with the blog form.

  2. Marie Pelletier says:

    I know some of the French sosngs

  3. justin says:

    Better time than ever to type my first comment on your interweb Rick, but i had to second jackbaumgartner’s. You work wonders with the blog form. When you coming out with the book form?

  4. Richard Law says:

    Could get those moose hauling timber, methinks.

    • Rick says:

      You might be onto something, Richard. I think the early French settlers called them, la vache savage, or, the wild cow (GREAT name for a band!). Although they might have been referring to the elk. Or maybe the caribou. Or actual wild cows.

  5. Shelley-Jo says:

    I’ll say it without a doubt, my favorite blog. Thanks Rick.

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