half a bubble

In spite of the ice —


and the water —


and other frosty residuals of POLAR VORTEX 2014


— the new year was plugging along in our little van down by the river.

We dug in locust pilings —


which gave our new oak sills a sturdy perch.


A funny thing happened on the way to level, though.

The bubble in our level was half a bubble off. Literally, half of a bubble. Off.


8 holes, 24 feet of locust pilings, and 5 sections of white oak sills into it–

One-half of a bubble.


The fix will be easy enough. Much of carpentry–hell, much of work generally–is fixing mistakes.

So, we’ll make it right.

No use stressing. Cussing only helps so much.


There’ll be light-enough to make amends.


We’ll do our level best–


–just after lunch.

We get a lot of visitors here; that’s why we wear pants.





Lent doesn’t start until early March this year.

Make the most of February by signing up to carve oak with Peter Follansbee in his first class of the year as part of the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking:


Put down your chisel and act quickly, though. The classes fill up fast.

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4 thoughts on “half a bubble

  1. David says:

    Do you guys know what a water level is? It will work better for you than a stick level.

  2. Rick says:

    Hi David,

    Years ago, Pret and the gang used a water level behind the scenes for framing 17th century style houses @ Plimoth Plantation. (This was in addition to the more historically appropriate plumb levels and square levels used in front of the public).

    These days, we default to standard off-the-shelf levels, for better or worse. They’re convenient and fit the bill most of the time.

    For me, the humbling take home message of the day was to periodically calibrate one’s tools, even as one occasionally grinds bevels or re-helves hand tools.

    It was my level which was off. Who knows how long it’s been wonky. I’m thankful to Justin, whose spider senses were tingling after we had set a level mark on the studs above the post holes to measure hole depth. He knew something was juuust a wee bit off and he was right.

    Thanks for weighing in, David. In a petty attempt at retribution, I left my unlevel-level outside all night. It’s safely away now, waiting to have its bubbles recalibrated.


  3. Jennifer Durant says:

    Love your posts Rick… and we don’t mind that you are half a bubble off at all!! , Jen

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