merry everything

It’s sort of all-right when work is play.

We needed 2′ sections of stone to place at the bottom of the boat house’s piling holes. There were a couple of ways we might have brought those heavy slabs down the snowy hill. It just so happens the best way was also kinda fun.

May your holidays find moments of unexpected happy.

The Vince Guaraldi Trio swings harder than any stone we brought down the hill. For the complete version, click below:




6 thoughts on “merry everything

  1. sally says:

    Was Justin ever a gymnast?! By the graceful look of his landings, I’d say he must have been trained!!

  2. Richard Law says:

    Hey! Great backing track. Have a jazzy break boys. Can’t believe I’m not going to work today.

  3. Linda Master says:

    Merry Christmas Rick! If I had a hill like that I’d be flying down on anything and everything I could slide on 🙂 Way fun—

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