Bloods & Cribs, Jacks & Wedges

It was a mallet and hoe kind of week.


Pret and I were, ostensibly, the only ones present at The Jones River project the last few days.

But as things progressed, we were joined by Jack…


You load (a 15) ton (jack) & what do you get / Another day older and deeper in debt…


And Pine…


Pine graciously offered to let Pret and I take her boat for a spin on the Jones.


and the neighborly Peter Follansbee, who paused for a moment, in between panels and posts.

IMG_20131119_133404_719 (2)

I like the set of your teeth. The saw’s all-right too.


Even the Tide came and went–

–and then came again.




To fix a frame, it’s necessary to transfer the weight of the building from one place to another. Blocks of 6 x 7s–built up mindfully from the muck–can accomplish remarkable things.


It’s really a building within a building.


We fabricated beams from 2 x 8s to carry and transfer the load.


And with 6 jacks below…


And a few closer to the rafters…


Jack has that Festivus-vibe going on. Maybe it’s the red and green.


…we were ready to crank the jacks and lift the roof–


–shims and tims (locks) in place.


Outside, we removed a little trim and sheathing.


Sky rockets in flight.


In such an open build, we needn’t lift but a few inches before we could replace the “gently used” wall plates–


The ol’ plates had seen their share of launches.


–with new material.


Modern 2x4s are smaller than those milled 100 years ago. I blame the recession.


Speaking of new material, Day 4 drew to a close with Pret’s favorite game, “Plant the ear-worm”:


Hi Dave? Pret here. Just wanted you to know that it’s been a delightful afternoon. You might say, an AFTERNOON of DELIGHT. Rick was just remarking on the sky-rockets in flight.


Speaking of launch, it’s noon. Until next time…






Put down that drumstick.

Banish your tryptophan stupor.

See former Pilgrims show their shins, move their hips, and use swear words melodically!

Here’s something to add to your post-Thanksgiving menu:


If you find yourself in the vicinity of the Plymouth, Mass area on Saturday, November 30th–hie thee to The BBC to see The Gobshites. Peter’s band is internationally renowned and kick-ass. They hardly ever play drinking songs:

Plus, it’s a GREAT cause.


Or, on the same night, head to the New World Tavern to see The Dinghys. There, you’ll see Pret working a banjo like nobody’s business. Click on this link to hear the band and see sawing in the sawpit:


2 shows, 1 night, plenty o’ fun.

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2 thoughts on “Bloods & Cribs, Jacks & Wedges

  1. John Wolf says:

    I see from the pictures that I have really been scrimping with the cribbing while working on my barn. I’d better re – think that!

    • Rick says:

      Hey John, Pret has told me that building cribbing and moving buildings is one of his favorite things to do. It’s clear working with him that he has a special genius when it comes to this. He can see about 50 steps ahead before he sets a single block down or cranks a jack. It helps that, like other geniuses, he can’t help but visualize and fine-tune the process a hundred times in his head before we drive a single wedge. He always errs on the side of too much and redundancy, rather than too little or things left to chance. As always, good to hear from you!

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