There Once Was a Chest from Nantucket

Here’s a video follow-up to BLUE OAK’s previous post about a 17th century chest found in an attic on Nantucket.

Michael Burrey, who brought the chest home from the island invited good friend and colleague Peter Follansbee to have a look at it. While it does appear to have been made in England rather than New England (pit-sawn rather than riven rails) it’s difficult to pinpoint its provenance beyond that. The chest does have some intriguing features, however–a framed and paneled back, which Peter has seen in Plymouth, MA joined work. As is so often the case, there are more questions than answers.

More important than the chest itself are the two men surveying it: Michael and Peter are two renowned heavyweights in the field of historic carpentry and early New England joinery. It’s rare to get them in the same room and rarer still to document what they have to say. Though the survey and video are brief, the knowledge and experience in the room that afternoon was towering.

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4 thoughts on “There Once Was a Chest from Nantucket

  1. John Wolf says:

    I have been working at finishing the limerick the last couple of days, but haven’t got far enough to get anything on paper. Let’s see, bucket, struck it, pluck it…..

  2. jackbaumgartner says:

    I truly enjoy listening to Peter Follansbee. Thank you for the video.

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