The tree house of hors d’oeuvre strikes back


…we once blogged about the building of an utterly unique and special tree house (I can say this without hubris because I was just along for the ride…)

Where did we last leaf off?

Pret made a bitchin’ (Hello, this is the 1980’s–they would like their word back) ladder out of natural-form eastern red cedar, which had come down in last winter’s brutal storms.


The frame and deck had also come along swimmingly.


This included fastening green eastern red cedar to crazy-dry western red cedar. It was like some long-awaited truce between rival factions. The hardware-mediators, of course, were Canadian-made GRKs. I love our frosty yet warm neighbor to the north. And, of course, all this diplomacy took place in the neutral kingdom of the Norway maples.


I don’t know about you, but I find the mix of dimensional stock and log form to be very appealing.

We followed with the first tentative steps in making the railings. For these we also used natural forms:


You look funny with that rectangular haircut, Cedric…heeeey, wait..

It’s an equipoise (triple word score!) of challenge and reward to join round stock as though it were squared.

The house part of the tree house soon followed. We used rough-cut spruce from Gurney’s Saw Mill. Best. Sawmill. Ever.


We continued our work by taking a break–


Water. It’s a water container.

Another gratuitous shot of square and round co-existing:


The porch plate rising above the deck. Branches made sturdy braces. Ship shapes and Bristol fashion!

Before long, Michael appeared out of the very trees to gauge our very progress:


With cheeky insouciance, rafters began to splay themselves out beguilingly along the porch roof.



This puppy was beginning to sing!

Groovy things about this project: The mix of square and round; the fluidity of the design based on available materials; the use of recycled stock, such as the 80-year old telephone posts culled from Cape Cod which became decking, rafters, and assorted scantling pieces; the million dollar setting.



Push led to shove…which led to a shack…


…which led to shingles!


Which led to another water break…

Stay tuned, same bat-time, same bat-channel for the continuation of the most delayed blogged-about project denouement (quadruple word score!!) in the history of mankind…

Next  bat-stop: Don’t forget to sheath.


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5 thoughts on “The tree house of hors d’oeuvre strikes back

  1. sally says:


  2. Marilyn says:

    LOL! Love the Star Wars reference. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

  3. Linda Master says:

    hahaha!!! And I can’t wait to see more 🙂

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