All the world’s a stage…

The final 2013 performances of the Worcester Shakespeare Company’s production of The Merchant of Venice go on this weekend, August 23-25th. Here’s to good weather and broken legs!

Our part in this drama was to get the stage to a presentable stage for the 2013 season. This meant some late hours for Mr. Burrey in his workshop:


Michael working the stairs. Treadest thou on me.

The newel post spoke with an Elizabethan flourish…



And was joined into the stairs…


Frame and paneling for the rear stage wall gave the stage depth. All the joints were hand-cut and the pieces hand-planed.


I was a little worried that the period appropriate colors would be tres gauche and reminiscent of a fast food joint…


But the linseed oil-based paint really hinted at the spectacle which any self-respecting London play-goer would reasonably expect in the early 17th-century.

So from Plymouth to Whitinsville, this year’s final touches departed.


Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Moving Co.

The colorful front steps really popped against the stage and gave a preview to next season’s stage finishing. Skirt boards trimmed both front and sides. LIke the steps, these will be further embellished with color and moldings in time for next year’s performance.


The rear wall frame and panels were stood and joined ere WSC’s first performance.


An MLB joint. Eat your heart out, Spike Lee!


Artistic Director Mel Cobb and Michael have big plans for significant additions to the stage. In the meantime, if you’re looking for something to do in the greater Worcester area this weekend, hie thee to Whitinsville post-haste ere ye players and their play exeunt!


Photo courtesy of “Alternatives”

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6 thoughts on “All the world’s a stage…

  1. Marie Pelletier says:

    I’m going — Sunday I think

  2. Linda Master says:

    It’s beautiful! I really enjoyed watching this go up–

  3. Thanks, Rick! Fabulous!

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