For whom the bell tolls

MLB Restorations (the company I keep with nowadays: 508 277-4468, ask for Michael) has done fairly extensive work on the majestic South Church in Nantucket; everything from repairing a leak in the golden dome, to truss work, to shingling.


Michael and Andrew were up inside the bell tower a little while ago for some routine maintenance. While documenting the scene something unexpected got all up in Andrew’s face…

Click on the picture below to see…

and here’s the mobile device version:

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2 thoughts on “For whom the bell tolls

  1. John Wolf says:

    I’m glad they kept their footing! That’s a long way down! I was working in a building at the local historic village when the civil war re- enactors fired a cannon about 10 feet from me. I left one hole in the roof on the way up, another on the way back down.

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