Shameless, organic plug

Here’s to sharing a recent post from The Miller’s Tale, Kim Van Wormer’s blog about their exploits running a grist mill which produces organic corn meal in Plymouth, Mass…Always happy to plug people and places who are passionately devoted to their traditional craft.

This post was all about herring, who lurk and spawn in the waters which fuel the mill.

Did you know that these little fish swim 1.5 miles, against the current, uphill to 81 feet above sea level, from salt to freshwater? Damn, nature…you crazy!


Picture from Herring Love, A Miller’s Tale:

Kim and company are learning about traditional milling from the ground up, so to speak, which makes their stories all the more compelling. Looking forward to “herring” more.

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2 thoughts on “Shameless, organic plug

  1. Marie Pelletier says:

    Shameless but interesting–

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